Sample Form

You can add all kinds of forms to your Squarespace site. This form uses every type of question, so you can see exactly what they all do. Feel free to have a look around, and you can submit this form if you want to (and if you do, you should know that one lucky person will get a special treat).

Name *
Address Field
Address Field
The following fields are all part of one Squarespace form item, called Address. That means you don't have to add multiple fields. Jolly nice of them, eh?
Enter the web address where Wile E. Coyote goes to buy his anvils.
Section Break
This is a line to separate the form into sections
You can put some instructions to your visitors here.
If you want to allow people to add a message or comments.
This is a field for numbers only. Try typing other stuff and see for yourself.
How much did Dr. Evil originally want?
Please indicate: at what time does the train to Yuma leave?
Complete the lyric: "Saturday, in the park, I think it was..."
Which of the following should you NOT blame it on?
Radio Button
Are there any limits?
What does Proud Mary keep on doing?
Survey (rating scale)
Survey (rating scale)
Please indicate which of the following you feel best completes the sentence: "I can't..."
Get No Satisfaction
Go For That
Stand The Rain
Please use as your password: What did Joan Jett want to put another dime into?
Bonus question: What is the phone number for Ghostbusters?