Summary Block as a Location-based Photo Blog

In this example, I am using a Summary Block to pull in images and display meta data that is associated with the images in my Gallery Page. You can't see the location or date on the Gallery Blocks or Gallery Page, but here they are, showing up nicely on this Summary Block. Clicking on the location will open the Google Map for that place, and clicking the image will open it in a lightbox.

How you'd do it on your website:

  1. Create a Gallery Page, but put it in your Not Linked section. This will be the source of the data, but it won't be the page that your visitors see.
  2. Upload your images to that source Gallery Page, and set all the attributes you want to use for each image (title, description, location).
  3. Create a standard page in your Main Navigation. This will be the page your visitors see.
  4. In that page, insert a Summary Block, set it to pull from the Gallery Page, and select the settings you want for your Primary and Secondary Metadata

I added some custom CSS to stop making the image titles into links, because those links point to the Gallery page that's in the Not Linked section.