How to set up your paid subscription for Squarespace

These instructions are for people who have never used Squarespace before. These are step-by-step instructions for accepting a Contributor Invitation and entering your credit card to start your paid subscription.

1. Open invitation email

You will get an email from Squarespace that is called "Contributor invitation for XXXYYY". Open the email and click the big Accept Invitation button.

2. Accept invitation

This will open a page in your browser with a button to accept the invitation. Click the button to accept.

3. Use the Create New Account link

On the following screen, it will expect you to already have a Squarespace account and login. Since you don't have a Squarespace account, IGNORE THE TOP SPACES and DO NOT CLICK LOGIN. Instead click the Create Squarespace Account link.

4. Enter details and create account

Enter your personal details in all the boxes, and make sure you select the Terms & Conditions box, then click Create Account


5. Click the Upgrade Now button

Once you are in the system, click the big UPGRADE NOW button on the bottom right of the screen.

6. Select the appropriate plan

Choose the plan that you need (Miko will advise which one) and click the SELECT button.

7. Enter your credit card details

Remember to double-check that the ANNUAL subscription is set if you want to get the cheapest rate, then enter your card details and click SUBSCRIBE. All done!