Summary Blocks:
The Powerhouses of Squarespace

Oh Summary Blocks, how I love you. You are the most flexible, powerful, adaptable blocks in the entire arsenal of content blocks. Summary Blocks pull in summaries of individual items on a Blog, Gallery, Events or Product page and display them in a grid, slider carousel or list.

They are so versatile because you can control many different settings and use filters to only show certain items. You can control:

  • Thumbnail image: the aspect ratio, size, or not display at all
  • Core information: title, description, excerpt
  • Text size
  • Number of items to display
  • Metadata: such as date, author, category, tag, location

This means you can do things like:

And you can also do more fancy things, like using a Summary Block as the entire page, to replace the default display of your template. Here's a couple of examples:

And here are some fancier ways to use Summary Blocks as replacement blog 'home' pages:

More ideas and information about Summary Blocks is in Chapter 6 of the book